Friday, March 29th, 2019

7 pm
Opening and vernissage

7–11 pm

9 pm
Concert performance by
Eva Borner, Hanspeter Gutjahr and Markus Fischer
For the moment I am inventing the present, slowly pearling water in the overflowing shadow of an empty water glass
Double bass player Markus Fischer and sound designer Hans Peter Gutjahr are entering into dialogue, interpreting Eva Borners film by their music as well as in a live performance with different analogue techniques.

9.30 pm
Concert performance by
Marie Malou & Jonathan Owadja
Rubens No 1 – Höllensturz der Verdammten
(Rubens no 1 – Skyfall of the damned)

On the base of more than 30 sound levels, Marie Malou created a composition for 4 hands for the Machina Imaginis Rubens No 1 for which she made a graphical score.

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

9 am–11 pm

9 pm
When sound Artists Andy Guhl and Flo Kaufmann meet – Sound Artist of the first hour, Andy Guhl surprises our senses with his hacked everyday electronics, while master of vinyl and remix sound designer Flo Kaufmann produces analogue and virtual sound surprises – together, the artists will electrify the hall with their music.

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

9 am–6 pm

11 am – 12 am
Theremin and more: digital analogue concert by Wieslaw Pipczynski and Regula Küffer

3 pm
Panel discussion, moderated by the art historian Lucia Angela Cavegn featuring a selection of the artists.