digalog art festival 2019

digalog generates a discussion on the subject:
“dialogue on digital and analogue”

digalog art festival ⎢ Fr 29. – Su 31.3.19 ⎢Lokremise Wil

16 artists bring together digital and analog worlds, letting them enter into a dialogue. Visitors are interacting with the artworks and installations, experiencing them in a playful confrontation. Digital supporters and analog opponents, artists and visitors come together in a panel discussion.

Proponents see innumerable chances brought by digitization: new products and services that will soon replace traditional models and serve humanity. Sceptics see a new ghost arising, destroying jobs. Innumerable apps on our smartphones, tablets and computers are supposed to make our lives easier – but at what price?

In art, new technologies are specifically used in an analogue context – interactive artworks as well as the encounter and exchange with the present artists are supposed to bring on interesting conversations.

Diverse artworks by artists from all over Switzerland can be experienced at the digalog art festival at Lokremise Wil. Installations and interactive artworks bring up a dialogue not only in your mind but especially in your heart and soul. People are to be sensitized to a “digital AND analogue” instead of “digital OR analogue”: a dialogue on digital and analogue.

The Lokremise Wil stands for the transition from industrial to digital revolution. Its unique architecture creates the perfect setting for the digalog art festival.

Adults Fr. 5.-/Children Fr. 3.–, can be bought at the entrance.